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Before You Buy, Sell, or Rent, Get The Test

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Meth Contamination is More Rampant Than Ever

Meth usage and resulting property contamination are no longer a rare occurrence in Utah. The Utah Department of Health reports that the number of meth contaminated properties rose 19% last year over previous years. Home inspectors estimate that approximately 10-25% of homes they inspect are contaminated.

Toxic Health Risk

Meth contamination is a toxic health risk for anyone occupying the property, and contamination can result from just one person smoking in one room of a house or apartment. The toxins get circulated throughout the unit by the HVAC system, contaminating the entire property. It’s not just a meth lab issue – although those are the worst cases. Recreational use in a space can quickly contaminate to unhealthy levels.

Unfortunately, this type of contamination doesn’t get better with time. The half life of meth is extremely long, meaning that a contaminated property will stay that way for years or even decades unless properly remediated.

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Seller's Obligation

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Most real estate contracts in Utah currently ask the seller to certify that they are unaware of any methamphetamine contamination in the property they are selling. With the rise in meth usage in recent years – and particularly with the rise in isolation and depression associated with COVID-19 – it’s no longer safe to assume nothing has been going on, particularly with rental properties.

Just because you know the renters, or “they seem like nice people,” doesn’t eliminate the possibility of meth use. If there’s any doubt, get the test.

Buyer, Renter Protection

As a buyer, it’s a good idea to require a meth test as part of the inspection and testing protocol before purchasing a property. This added precaution can avoid many problems and health issues down the road.

As a landlord or potential renter, if there is any question at all about the possibility of meth use in a unit, you owe it to the health of everyone involved to verify the safety of the space.

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Affordable & Reliable

Meth testing is reasonably priced, and when completed by a certified provider through a state certified laboratory, is highly reliable. A single test can highlight a potential problem, and additional testing can be added to verify the extent of contamination. Multi-test discounts are available that make the cost of testing even more affordable.

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Don't Leave It to Chance

Meth is a potent toxin with both health and economic impacts. If there’s any doubt, get the test. Call a Utah certified meth remediation company like RainFire Restoration and order the RF Method testing so you can buy, sell and rent with full confidence.

RF Method

RF Method is the  most effective, professional and affordable comprehensive METH testing and remediation available. We are certified and licensed for meth remediation in the State of Utah. Click here for more information, or call us at 385-336-7246 for a free estimate.

It’s Ok, Just Once!

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Even a single incident of smoking meth in your home or properties can contaminate the entire property, creating a significant health and financial risk.


Know the Signs of Meth Usage – and Act Fast


Increased stress brought on by pandemic-induced economic factors is fueling a spike in drug use, including methamphetamines. While the human impact is tragic, the impact on your home – including the ability to buy or sell homes or properties – can be devastating. Meth smoked in a single room can contaminate the entire house through the HVAC system, creating a health hazard for everyone. A contaminated property cannot be sold or rented until it has been remediated by a certified provider.


Catch It Early

The best defense against contamination is a strong offense. Now is the time to be vigilant in watching for signs of meth use in your family or by visitors or renters in your properties. Catching these signs early and moving quickly to curtail meth use in your properties can limit damage and reduce overall impact and cost.


What to Look For

The American Addiction Centers have compiled a list of the most common signs of meth use and addiction. This includes:

  • A sweet, smoky smell on the person or in their room
  • A thinning, frail body
  • Facial acne or sores
  • Rotted teeth (“meth mouth”)
  • A droopy quality to the facial skin
  • Convulsions
  • Liver damage
  • Stroke
  • Lowered immunity/susceptibility to infectious disease
  • A dramatic increase in body temperature
  • Increased libido
  • Intense scratching

If you notice these signs in people living in your home or properties, they may be smoking meth and placing you and others at risk. 


Confront, Test, or Both

What should you do if you suspect a meth use problem? One or both of these approaches can be effective:


Confront. Approach the person you suspect is involved and express concern that they seem not well, or are dealing with sores or scratching, etc. and explore options to help them. If appropriate, refer them to professionals who can help.


Test. Non-invasive testing can indicate if you are dealing with a potential problem. Contact a reputable meth remediation company to conduct testing in your property. A single test can often tell you if there is a potential problem. Additional tests will need to be completed if contamination is confirmed.


Catch It Early, Call the Pros

Catching meth use early will significantly reduce the impact on your home and properties. However, if meth use is detected, your property will need to be remediated in order to return it to a safe environment. 


If you need remediation, be sure to work with a reputable meth remediation company. Remediation is required by law, and remediation companies must be approved by the State. Make sure the company you work with is licensed and certified for this type of work, and that they have a track record of success and satisfied customers behind them.




RF Method

RF Method is the  most effective, professional and affordable comprehensive METH testing and remediation available. We are certified and licensed for meth remediation in the State of Utah. Click here for more information, or call us at 385-455-1383 for a free estimate.

How to Clean a House After a Fire

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When you experience a fire at your home or business, it can feel overwhelming whether it is a small or large-scale fire. It can be difficult to know what the first steps are to take after the fire trucks finish and the fire marshal releases the scene. Here are a few things you can do to clean your house after a fire. 


Cleaning Materials and Protective Equipment

Before you enter the home or business, purchase heavy-duty gloves, safety goggles, a safety mask, and heavy-soled shoes. Wear these with thick socks, a long-sleeved shirt, and long pants. This protects you from soot and the caustic substances used for cleaning up the aftereffects of a fire.


For cleaning, you will need Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP), a caustic substance, but the best cleaning agent for soot. You will also need a drop cloth for protecting flooring from further damage.

Laundry detergent, chlorine bleach, vanilla extract, and cleaning rags complete the list of items you will need to clean.


Sorting What You Can Salvage

Put on all of your protective gear before you enter your home or business. Start in the rear-most damaged rooms and sort through the items to determine which you might salvage and which you just have to throw away. Bag up the items that you could not salvage in heavy-duty garbage bags. Organize the items you could clean and keep separate.


Once you finish a room, take the garbage bags outside. Do this room by room so you clear the area completely for cleaning. Re-enter the room and box up the items you will take with you to clean. Remove them to your trunk or truck bed. You may need to rent a truck for a large number of items.

Move to the second room and repeat the sorting process. Work your way through the damaged home from back to front, emptying the room of the garbage bags as you complete each. Box the contents you will keep and take them to the truck.


Cleaning What Remains

Mix your TSP cleaner. Add four to six tablespoons of TSP to a gallon of warm water and one cup of chlorine bleach. Never remove your mask when using this cleaning mixture. It is not safe to breathe. If you get any on your skin, immediately rinse it off with cold water.


Cover the floor of the room you want to clean with the tarp. Clean the walls first beginning at the lower sections to prevent streaking. Work your way up to the ceiling, cleaning it last. Remove the tarp from the floor and clean the floor. Continue this process to clean each room. Allow all of the rooms to dry completely before attempting to re-paint. Take your boxes of clothing to the laundry.


Wash each load in laundry detergent plus a tablespoon of vanilla extract for the items that cannot get washed in bleach. Wash your white loads in bleach combined with one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Transport these cleaned items packed separately from those you still have to clean. You can clean those items in the bathtub where you are staying using mild detergent and four to six tablespoons to a gallon of warm water.


If this all sounds overwhelming, your best bet is to call the experts. At RainFire Restoration we help you recover from the accidents of everyday living. We provide water, fire, smoke and mold remediation services. Our team is trained, experienced, and certified to handle any job. We guarantee satisfaction and provide excellent customer service on all our projects. Call us today at (385)-366-7246.

5 Things To Do Immediately When Your Basement Floods

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You walk down to your basement expecting to see nothing abnormal but instead, you are met with water. Your basement has flooded! Flooding can leave any homeowner feeling overwhelmed and helpless but it’s not something you need to worry about if you take the right steps and call in the experts. Here are the 5 most essential things to do immediately after discovering your basement floods.


1. Turn off Electrical

It’s important that you turn off your electricity and gas before walking into the flooded area. It can be dangerous to enter the water while these are still on. If you are unsure how to do this you will want to call a professional before entering the flooded area. 


2. Determine the Source of the Flooding 

Next, you’ll want to figure out where the flooding is coming from. Once you identify the source, you’ll be able to shut it off to prevent future flooding. Flooding can occur from rain, burst pipes, and a variety of other sources. You may be tempted to start cleaning up immediately but you’ll want to do this first so you can prevent future damage.

3. Get Water Out When Your Basement Floods

The next most important thing to do is get the water out. This can be done in a variety of ways. You may choose to use a pump such as a pool pump or you may to use a traditional mop and bucket. The tools needed to remove water will depend on the severity of the flooding. 

4. Prevent Mold 

The worst result of flooding is mold so you’ll want to work to prevent mold right away. This can be done more easily in spaces with tile or hard surfaces by spraying the area with warm water and bleach. However, the only thing that can be done to prevent mold in carpet is to dry the area as fast as possible. You will want to set up fans blowing on the affected area and open windows and doors to increase ventilation.

5. Call the Professionals 

After you take care of these immediate essential steps, you’ll want to call the professionals. Professionals know how critical when your basement floods and how to restore your flooded area so that people will never be able to tell it was previously flooded. 


We Are Here For You When Your Basement Floods


Rain Fire Restoration offers flood restoration services. Our team is trained, experienced, and certified to handle any job. We guarantee satisfaction and provide excellent customer service on all our projects. We’re here to help you feel empowered as a homeowner and feel at home in your house again. Call us today at (385) 336-7246 to get a free quote

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Utah Flood and Fire Damage: 5 Ways to Recover From a Disaster

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Disasters have a way of striking unexpectedly like flood and fire damage. The simple truth is that much of the time there is no way to predict with water or fire will damage your home, which is why it’s excellent to have a reliable Utah flood and fire remediation service in your local area.

1. Certified and Quick Remediation

Having a certified and speeding remediation service is important for two reasons. First, a certified team is well-trained in making the repairs you need, which means having your repairs done correctly the first time. A quick team also means you’ll be able to return to your home sooner.


2. Repair and Restore

A skilled team knows how to repair and restore. Although your home may be damaged by flooding or fire, there is sometimes part of the original architecture that can be restored to good-as-new condition.


3. Smoke Odor Removal

A fire has a habit of leaving the scent of smoke behind, but skilled teams know how to remove smoke odor from the wood and insulation of your home.


4. Identifying and Removing Mold

Flooding inevitably creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. However, expert eyes know how to identify multiple types of mold and remove that mold from your home permanently.


5. Treat Water Damage

Water damage, such as warped wood or water-logged sub-floors, needs to be removed before repairs can begin, which is why expert teams with specialized equipment will find, treat, and remove water damage.

Damage caused by flood and fire can be difficult to overcome: unless you’re using the right remediation company. Contact RainFire Restoration  to learn more about Utah flood and fire damage – and rest assured your disaster can be repaired.

The 3 Types of Property Restoration

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There are a number of different types of damage your house can endure, and thus a number of types of property restoration. You may not have a clue what to do when one of the three main types of property damage happens to you, or how to remedy it, but we’ve made a list to explain things!

The 3 Types of Property Restoration

1. Water Damage Restoration

By far, water damage is the most common type of damage to affect a home, whether that looks like a flooded basement or a broken appliance leaking on to the floor. The best thing you can do is call a professional to remove any remaining water and assess the damage. The process involves using technology to remove water, equipment to treat water damage, and finally inspecting for mold, which can appear as a result of water damage.

2. Fire Damage Restoration

Having a home damaged by fire is devastating. Not only can fire destroy large portions of a building, but the odor of smoke is left behind. Calling a professional is crucial in helping get back to normal, not only in terms of fixing the damage and smell but mentally as a result of getting these things taken care of quickly.

3. Mold Damage Restoration

Mold damage, while the least visible, presents its own threat in that mold can affect your health, from causing respiratory issues to eye and skin irritation.
If you’ve had any water damage left unchecked in the past, this can be the cause of mold as mold grows from moisture. A professional can identify and eliminate mold growth in the home, making it safe to live in once again.

You may be left wondering who professionals you can contact are, and the answer to that is RainFire Restoration. Visit RainFire Restoration today to get the peace of mind you deserve!

Best of 2020: Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning

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Is there anything more relaxing than watching the kids playing on a beautiful living room carpet? Throw in a four-legged family member, and now the picture’s perfect: but not if your carpets are stained, old, and smelling of dog. Is it time for Salt Lake City carpet cleaning?

What You Can Get From Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning

Brand New Carpets

When you first had your carpets installed, they had that amazing new smell and feel. They were light, fresh, and the fabric felt “open” somehow. Over the years as people step on it repeatedly, though, the carpet settles. The fibers are compacted, and it feels less soft and airy. Worst of all, trapped dirt and odors linger.

While vacuuming faithfully will help to delay this, you will eventually need professional cleaning. At RainFire, we can revive those fibers, remove years of dirt, and give you back that new carpet feel.

Fresh Scents

Whether it’s just you, a home full of kids, or the added joy of dogs and cats, your carpet will eventually accumulate odors. If you’re not sure whether your carpet is there yet, pay attention to how the room smells when you come into it after being away for a few days. That’s the smell your guests always notice!

Getting rid of lingering odors is hard when you can’t throw a textile into a washer and dryer, but professional cleaners can banish those smells.

Freedom From Stains

A dark carpet can make a room look small and claustrophobic, so many of us opt for lighter colors. That’s wonderful for the overall aesthetic, but it’s murder when it comes to stains.

It’s almost like a light-colored rug actually attracts the stains! If your kids are going to drip ketchup, it will be in the living room. If you’re going to spill your wine, it’s going to be on the carpet. At RainFire, we can get rid of those stains and restore the beautiful look.

Are you ready for fresh, new carpets that smell and look as good as the day you moved in? Call us at RainFire Restoration today and let us help you restore your future.

What to Do Immediately After You Discover Water Damage

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Water damage can happen in many ways and at any time of the day or night; A busted pipe in the basement, water stains on the attic ceiling, or area flooding can cause serious damage if not properly cared for quickly.

Three Steps to Take to Repair Water Damage

While standing water, water stains or leaking water can seem overwhelming, there are a few easy steps to take immediately after discovering the water damage.

Play It Safe

If water is still rising, or if the basement is already filled with water, don’t go into it. If the breaker box is located somewhere other than where the flooded area, turn off the main breaker. This step should only be done as a way to prevent plugged in appliances or items from creating a dangerous situation.

Remove Standing Water

This step is critical and should be started as soon as possible. The quicker the water can be removed, the less damage will be left behind. Using a wet/dry shop vac or a bucket, try to remove as much water as possible while waiting on members of the RainFire Restoration team to arrive. However, take no chances: if you’re not sure about the state of the electrical current or don’t know what might be on the floor, don’t venture into the water. If any sewage is involved, avoid the area entirely.

Call the Professionals

As soon as the water damage has been discovered, give RainFire Restoration a call. We are available 24/7 and will quickly access the damage. We will do a walk-through to ensure all areas affected are found and included in the repair plan.

Once we arrive, our team will access the damage and start the cleanup process immediately. It is the goal of RainFire Restoration to restore each property and make it better than it was before the damage.

While water damaged areas are noticeable, other damage can be harder to see. Our friendly and knowledgable staff are available to provide solutions for the obvious, and not-so-obvious problems. Reach out to RainFire Restoration today!

Why Mold Remediation Requires a Professional

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Mold problems in your home is a significant health hazard that can cause a wide range of side effects. Respiratory infections, throat irritation, coughing, allergies, and asthma problems are just a few of the many ways mold can impact your health. Reaching out to a company that specializes in mold remediation is important in helping you stay safe and prevent further health issues.

Why Mold Remediation Requires a Professional

#1 Professional Expertise

Trying to handle mold problems on your own isn’t an easy task, but reaching out to professionals is a great way to ensure the job is done right the first time. Mold remediation specialists have many years of experience in the industry while also having access to the latest tools to effectively treat and remove mold in your home.

#2 Avoid Future Problems

If mold is not taken care of by someone who understands mold remediation, it is almost certain to return. Another reason to consider professional services is that it helps to prevent future problems. When you hire someone who knows how to completely finish the job, you will have peace of mind to know that you won’t have to constantly deal with mold issues in the future.

#3 Improve Value of Your Home

Removing mold from your house is a great way to enhance its value. This is especially beneficial if you ever plan to sell your home. These services also create a much safer environment for you and your entire family.


RainFire Restoration is a company that provides a wide range of restoration services for our clients. Our top goal is always to offer the best services available and ensure each customer is always well-satisfied with the results. Call RainFire Restoration at (385) 336-7246 to learn more about our mold remediation services!

3 Reasons to Seek Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Utah

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Emergencies happen. That’s a fact of life. When they happen to you, it is crucial that you know where to turn for the right help. If your home is damaged by flooding or fire and smoke, turn to RainFire Restoration for quick emergency carpet cleaning in Utah.

3 Situations That Require Emergency Carpet Cleaning

There are many reasons you might need emergency carpet cleaning services, including after a flood, a major leak, or a fire. The longer you wait to get your home back in order, the more difficult it can be. That is why a quick turnaround is so crucial.

1. Water Leaks and Flooding

Water may seem harmless enough, but if you get enough of it leaking into your home, you’ll be faced with a mounting pile of problems. It can leave stains, encourage mold growth, and damage subflooring and underlayment materials.

2. Smoke and Fire

The destruction after a house fire can be minimal or a total loss, but chances are the carpets will be in pretty bad shape either way. You will be faced with smoke odors, soot stains, and possibly water damage from efforts to put out any flames.

3. Mold Growth

While a large mold infestation likely didn’t just appear overnight, uncovering it can feel like an emergency. The longer you wait to treat the problem, the more spores are released into your home’s environment.

What Other Reasons Would Carpet Cleaning Services Be Needed?

Of course, not all carpet cleaning tasks are an emergency. You might choose to have your carpets cleaned for any number of reasons, including to:

  • Restore that fresh, new carpet look and feel
  • Eliminate pet odors and stains
  • Remove general stains


Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Utah

RainFire Restoration offers mold, fire, and water remediation services to Utah homes and businesses. Many appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours of your call, meaning that damage can be addressed quickly and professionally. Contact RainFire Restoration today to learn about carpet cleaning in Utah as well as mold, fire, smoke, and water damage remediation services.