Fire Remediation

fire damage

Repair and Restore

Having your home or business damaged by a fire is devastating. You can trust our fire damage restoration experts at RainFire Restoration because we understand the magnitude of this disaster. We will do everything we can to restore your fire-damaged property to its proper state. Everything will be just as it was before – or perhaps even better!

A Recent Rescue

RainFire Restoration recently responded to a fire that had devastated half of a Utah home. After remediating all the fire and smoke damage, our team had the opportunity to rebuild the house with a new floor plan and an additional bedroom per the owner’s request. The home was more beautiful and valuable than ever – the remodel adding an additional $50,000 in equity.

Before and After

Before and After before and after fire damage
Before and After Before and After

Smoke Odor Removal

Fires create smoke, and smoke gets in your walls, in your insulation, and even in your clothes. We have the equipment and the expertise to remove the smoke odor, eliminating any trace of the fire damage.

Just because you had a disaster does not mean your home has to smell like it!

Equipped for Fire Damage

We have the tools necessary to handle even the biggest fire restoration projects. When your home or business has been hit by a disaster, you need the fire damage repair done right, with the right equipment. We at RainFire Restoration specialize in fire remediation, and are armed with all the right tools to make everything good as new.

Certified and Experienced

At RainFire Restoration, we are authorized IICRC fire damage restoration experts and will restore homes and businesses damaged by fire and smoke. This certification is important – it means that our team is trained and experienced to do the job correctly and efficiently. You won’t have to worry about quality with our restoration team.

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