1 in 10 Utah homes test positive for Meth Contamination

Meth usage is more common than you think. Before you buy, sell, or rent any property, get it tested for meth. Schedule a home meth test with RainFire Restoratation and keep you and your family safe. 

RainFire Restoration offers the most effective meth remediation services. Here's how we do it:

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Contamination Assessment

The first step is to determine contamination levels. Our state certified decontamination specialist will take samples which will be analyzed in a lab for contamination levels.

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Create a Decontamination Plan

We coordinate with the health department which to allow them to see the damages of the home. As a result, the health department will grant permission for our state certified decontamination specialist to begin working on the home.

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Cleaning and Decontamination

We will remove all affected items from the home and clean the ventilation systems. We will apply our decontamination solution to each room and deep clean.

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Lab Analysis

The final step - we will take a sample of each affected area and send it to the lab for analysis. If the results meet Utah's health standard, the cleaning has been successful! After final clearance has been granted its safe to move back in!


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Meth contamination occurs when methamphetamine is smoked in, or manufactured in a home, business, vehicle, or other structure. Even a one time use can contaminate a property with methamphetamine.

Meth contamination affects everyone differently, and the effects may be more drastic as levels of contamination increase. Methamphetamine may increase heart rate, cause difficulty remembering simple tasks, and potentially cause the shutdown of vital organs. Meth usage may lead to physical disability, or death. 

Homes with meth contamination should be properly inspected, tested for levels of methamphetamine, and properly cleaned. RainFire Restoration is trained and licensed to properly clean homes contaminated with meth. Homes that are contaminated with meth, if properly cleaned, can be purchased and become a great livable space again.

Meth contamination can vary extensively. Knowing how to properly clean methamphetamine is essential to mitigating the contamination of a home, business, vehicle, or other structure. RainFire Restoration uses the best cleaning processes, specialized equipment, and personal protective equipment in order to properly remediate meth.

RainFire Restoration is trained and licensed to test for methamphetamine. Call us at 385-455-1383.

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