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Rainfire Restoration is the fastest Salt Lake City Cleanup crew around. People contact us 24 hours a day with all kinds of emergencies. We’ve seen and cleaned everything from bursting pipes to major floods. As a highly professional business equipped with a staff of well trained, diligent employees, we value customer privacy. The stories below were shared by our customers themselves through reviews and accolades. You can see what everyone has to say about our services by clicking right here.

Story 1: The Salt Lake City Ceiling Cave-In

One drizzling Sunday in Salt Lake City, a family came home to find a gaping hole in the ceiling. They weren’t certain what to expect as rain continued to pour in. They needed help right away and our team restored their home in under two hours without even a second thought. This family joined our growing list of satisfied customers due to the speed and efficiency of our certified restoration technicians.

If Your Ceiling Caves in as the Result of Water Damage, Here’s How We Will Help

When ceilings cave in due to water damage, there are multiple possible causes ranging from leaky pipes to storms and/or faulty appliances that could be to blame. Sometimes there are indicators within the structure that suggest your ceiling is water damaged and at risk for caving in. Swelling, bubbling, and rusty colored water stains are among the most prevalent indicators.

If your ceiling is water damaged and caved in or on the brink of caving in, please give Rainfire Restoration a call at (385) 336-7246 or click here to submit a form and hear back from one of our technicians. We can have everything fully restored in a matter of hours.

Here are some of the many services we provide to repair and restore a caved-in ceiling:

  • Home inspection
  • Assessment of damages
  • Water extraction
  • Drying and dehumidifying
  • Using the latest technology to inspect for mold
  • Mold remediation
  • Fully clean and restore the home

In no time at all, we can have your water damaged home looking even more illustrious than before your emergency occurred. Better yet, our up to the minute technology will ensure that when you and your loved ones return, there will be no mold on the property posing an ominous threat to your health.

Story 2: A Utah Holiday Catastrophe Solved in The Nick of Time

Holidays are never a good time for emergencies. Most stores are closed or have limited hours on specific calendar days. Alas, disaster has no set calendar date. For this reason, when one South Jordan, Utah family came home to find that their floor was flooded and they needed a service right away, they were initially panicked. Fortunately, they contacted Rainfire Restoration and had their home impeccably restored immediately. Here’s what they learned from the experience:

  • Rainfire Restoration’s staff members work around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We do not charge extra for holiday service
  • We get the job done right the first time
  • All of our technicians are certified and highly trained to perform all the tasks required
  • Our cleaning department goes above and beyond to establish an illustrious ambiance that is clean and free of mold and harmful toxins.

If you received a quote from a Salt Lake City water damage restoration cleanup company and it contained a “holiday service fee” please don’t hesitate to call or email us online. We are not in the practice of adding hidden holiday fees or any other fees for that matter. We are well known for transparency when it comes to prices and efficiency when it comes to services provided.

Story 3: Carpet Cleaning Leaves Ut Homeowners in Awe

Sometimes you just need a little refresh to brighten your home. That was the case for several homeowners in the Utah area in 2017. We’re hoping many more neighborhood residents will be satisfied by our cleaning service in 2018. We don’t just do carpets, we also do upholstery. We don’t just aim to clean, we aim to exceed all expectations. In the past, many customers have been impressed with how immaculate we make carpets, couches, floors, and more. Our special offer features a three-room cleaning for just $100 plus discounted rates for all upholstery cleaning. For the price of a high-end sweater, you can have your entire home cleaned beyond expectation. It will look, feel, and smell brand new. This is the perfect pick me up and it also makes for an excellent gift!

Story 4: A House In West Jordan Is Elegantly Restored After Severe Fire Damage

Rainfire Restoration has a stellar reputation for dealing with all kinds of damage, so when one West Jordan, Ut home was ravaged by flames, we came to the rescue, delivering a thoroughly rejuvenated home in the aftermath. Our blog features before and after fire damage photos and video for you to peruse. Rebuilding, restoring, and revitalizing homes is our specialty. If you have experienced any sort of fire damage and you drop us a line, we can help you with all of the following plus more:

  • Quick arrival and assessment of damage
  • Fire damage repair
  • Full home restoration
  • Smoke odor removal and so much more…

Share your Salt Lake City Cleanup story with our crew by clicking here and explaining your water damage emergency. We know this can’t wait one more day. Tomorrow, you will look back at this and feel relieved.

Learn More By Joining Our Online Community

By subscribing to the Rainfire Restoration blog, facebook page, or email list, you can stay up to date with all of the latest water and fire restoration news. You can also access resources and information that you might find useful in the event of a future emergency. Our office is open and responds to public phone calls and emails in the 801 regions 24 hours a day.

Our blog has proven a useful resource for Utah homeowners who want to gain a fuller understanding about fire and water damage as it relates to their insurance policy, our privacy policy, and our mission to rebuild. You can join our community and learn about ways to care for your home before, during, and after disastrous events. Our website is a place where people from our neighborhood can:

  • Learn how to identify a sign or multiple signs of a possible future problem
  • Learn about restoration, mold remediation, and waste management
  • Find out Utah state specific homeowner insurance policy information
  • View before and after photos to gain perspective
  • Schedule immediate appointments in the wake of disaster
  • Gain a fuller understanding of restoration terms, technology, equipment and more

We regularly update our site with quality storm, flood, and emergency information. We proudly provide commercial services for homeowners in the following areas:

  • Salt Lake City
  • South Jordan
  • West Jordan
  • Midvale
  • Murray and other nearby locations