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Here in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the middle of the high desert, you wouldn’t think water damage or mold would be a problem.

But mold only needs water to grow, and even in Salt Lake, we get water. As we saw a few weeks ago, Salt Lake City can get a lot of water in a very short time. Just ask the people in Sugarhouse on the East Bench of Salt Lake. Deserts are known for flash floods, and Utah has it’s far share.

A disaster can happen any time, whether it’s a plumbing leak, the neighbor’s sprinkling system, or a cloudburst. Our technicians have plenty of experience and can take care of the removal, disposal, and replacement of carpet and other flooring.We’ll leave your home problem free and squeaky clean.

Our business, insurance, and restoration experience put us tops in the industry. Alan has worked in and with insurance agents for many years. He closely supervises our licensed technicians to make sure they have the knowledge and equipment to take care of the full job. We want you to feel you can trust us completely to take care of everything from working with your insurance and what your policy covers, to restoration of your home.

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