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At RainFire Restoration we help you recover from the accidents of everyday living. We provide water, fire, smoke, mold, and meth remediation services. Our team is trained, experienced, and certified to handle any job. RainFire Restoration guarentees satisfaction and provides excellent customer service on all our projects.

Top Sandy Water Damage Restoration Services

Spotlight on Commercial Water Damgae

A flooded basement in our homes is something we all worry about, but have you ever considered your business being affected by flooding? A flooded warehouse or office building can wreak havoc on your business by delaying important projects. A local commercial property was recently affected by heavy rains. The property manager called RainFire Restoration to come help. Watch to see his experience working with our team to remediate the damage and restore the property.

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flood with sandbags

Water Damage Prevention and Mitigation

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Water damage at a commercial site can prove to be a major setback for a business. Yet, it's a problem that is not so rare. It can affect the smallest…
water problems

Flood in the Kitchen! Now What?

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These 3 steps will save you time and money Most of us never think of dealing with water problems in the house (other than the dog running inside and shaking…
Burned home

Utah Flood and Fire Damage: 5 Ways to Recover From a Disaster

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Disasters have a way of striking unexpectedly like flood and fire damage. The simple truth is that much of the time there is no way to predict with water or…

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Having your home or business damaged by a fire is devastating. At RainFire Restoration we understand the magnitude of this disaster, and will do everything we can to restore your fire-damaged property to its proper state. Everything will be just as it was before – or perhaps even better!

fire damage


A flood can do serious damage to your property. If left unattended, the damage from the water will cause further damage, and possibly result in mold. Our crew is prepared to help you recover property after water damage. At RainFire Restoration, it is our goal to restore your property and make it better than it was before the damage.


Identifying, Containing, and Remediating Mold. Our team is specially trained and certified to find and remediate mold. If you have concerns about black mold or any other kind of mold in your home or business, it is dangerous to not take care of it as soon as possible. Let our team find the mold, contain the mold, and remediate the mold.

Meth Remediation

Home meth contamination is a growing problem in Utah. We are trained and certified to test, detect, and remediate meth. Our RF Method is the most professional, affordable, and comprehensive meth testing and remediation available.

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“Amazing company. They provide honest reliable work. Fast to come out and nice to work with. High quality service!!”


“This company is the best. Jared worked with us and answered all of our questions. He helped assured us of all of our fears and went well above and beyond what we paid him. Great value for great service!”

Cody S.

“My daughter left our upstairs bathroom sink on with the drain plugged and we didn't realize it until it was leaking into our family room and garage below! I called RainFire Restoration and Alan was super helpful at answering my questions and helping us fix it the right way!”

Chelsa D.

“They did a great job! They came on time, were quick and efficient and answered all my questions.”


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